The Pearl Company

Theatre, Gallery and Arts Centre 16 Steven Street Hamilton ON 905-524-0606


The Pearl Company houses two floors of performance, event, rehearsal and exhibition space.  There is a loading dock and freight elevator on site. Free parking is available with a slip from The Pearl. To inquire about submitting a proposal for the performance/concert space, or the gallery, call Barbara Milne at 905-524-0606.

Performance Space/Concert Hall second floor


The second floor performance space is an intimate theatre, music and gallery venue, with glorious acoustics, seating approximately 70 to 150. The full floor is approximately 3800 sq. feet.

In 2008, the second floor performance space was redesigned with the help of Ronald Weihs and Judith Sandiford of Artword Theatre.  ThePearl_secondfloor_6553_800.jpg The playing area was been shifted 90 degrees and opened up to reveal the architectural features and the beautiful hardwood floor. Instead of the stage being raised, it is the audience that is elevated. The comfortable Pearl Company couches line a raised back row. Left is the view from the playing area towards the audience. Right, is the view of the playing area from the audience house left.

Floorplan –  Performance Space, second floor

Click here to view a jpg of the floorplan of the second floor performance space at 16 Steven Street.

Click here to download a pdf of the floorplan 11×17. This is not functioning! Checking……

In House Sound System, second floor

Speakers – CSX57 (2*15″ drivers with horns)
Amp – Crest Pro 7200
Console – Mackie 2404
Effects – Yamaha Rev 500

Monitors – 2 EX161m

Mics – 5 Shure SM58
– 3 Shure SM57
– 1 Shure 819
– 6 AKG 535
– 1 AKG 414
– 2 Sennheiser 409
– 1 Sennheiser 835
– 2 Sennheiser Wireless
– 2 TOA K1
– 2 AT Pro 35
– 3 AT ATM35
– 2 AT 4050
– 2 AT 4041
– 2 Neumann KM184
– 1 Beyer M88
– 1 Beyer pencil Condensor
– 1 Beyer Drum Mic

DI – 8 various

Available Extras:

Crest powered speakers
Yorkville EM 308 Monitors
4 Monitor mixes with separate board and split snake
Crest Powered Subs
Community CSX 60 non-powered subs
Lexicon PCM90 Reverb
Lexicon PCM 60
TC Electronic Delay

The Pearl Black Box Theatre, first floor

GalleryNew.jpgThe first floor, approximately 2700 square feet of public area, has transformed from solely an art exhibition space to a black box theatre-in-the-round, a highly flexible performance space with a backstage area, wings, and dressing room.   It still includes a smaller gallery which means there are now two galleries (actually three if you factor in the Office Salon Gallery) showing work almost exclusively by Hamilton artists. We now have the potential of early theatre, late concerts on either floor.

The Pearl Company has a commitment to presenting work that draws on all the arts, including music, visual art, dance, film, spoken word and theatre. Programming is multi-cultural, socially aware, politically engaged, and connected to Hamilton’s diverse communities.

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