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Gary Santucci covered a lot of territory when he created his Why You Should Support our Arts Membership Appeal, but he also made a number of good points I couldn’t leave out. I’ve edited his piece down but if it’s still too long just skip to the bottom…. Barbara

Arts and activities by Artists have undergone an insane amount of scrutiny and study. A lot of it concerns why governments and the public at large should financially support the Arts in their communities.

Randy I. Cohen’s Top 10 Reasons to Support the Arts:
I edited out the details after each point. I figured most of us can fill it all in….
1. Arts promote true prosperity.
2. Arts improve academic performance.
3. Arts strengthen the economy.
4. Arts are good for local merchants.
5. Arts drive tourism.
6. Arts are an export industry.
7. Arts spark creativity and innovation.
8. Arts have social impact.
9. Arts improve healthcare.
10. Arts mean business.

This particular arts centre is now entering its 13th year of operation and has unwaveringly delivered its mission in the face of rather a few challenges.

Our mission continues to be the following:

  • create a multi-disciplinary space that develops and presents works that draw on all the arts, including music, visual art, dance, film, spoken word and theatre
  • present work that is multi-cultural, socially aware, politically engaged, and connected to Hamilton’s diverse communities
  • foster work that is innovative, exhilarating, adventurous and accessible
  • facilitate work that is carried out to the highest standard, with integrity, commitment and respect
  • build a supportive technical infrastructure for the efficient and effective development of new work
  • act as a catalyst to make connections between artists, to enable artistic collaborations
  • honour its wide-ranging audiences, both young and old, in a warm, welcoming, affirmative atmosphere
  • activate a positive arts atmosphere that relates to the Landsdale neighbourhood
  • provide a “great Art’s Experience” night in and night out.

One the key elements to our success thus far certainly is our “pearl of a building” built in 1910, whose post and beam construction and maple floors have produced an acoustically perfect space. A typical first-time patron’s reaction: “What a great space!”

Next, we could not do what we do without our dedicated cadre of volunteers, some of whom have been with us from the beginning. These first-rate ambassadors for the Pearl Company ensure that the experience for our patrons and performers is top notch every night.

In 2010 we built a theatre on the first floor to expand our programming to include theatrical works and haven’t looked back since.  There are other spaces in our building that we would like to open up for public use and fill with ‘inspired programming’!

Privately owned arts enterprises, as we are, exist in a grey world of financing, not being regarded by financial institutions as particularly bankable. Government granting bodies require you be organized as a not-for-profit or with a charitable status. (We tried to do the not-for-profit thing. A board takes up a lot of time and isn’t always able to deliver on what is needed – or wanted for that matter)

So what options are left for the private arts organization?  What revenue streams can be tapped into to ensure sustainability? Besides attracting concert and theatre goers to ongoing programming, sponsorship and membership approaches can help to establish a financial base to support the ongoing development and presentation of new and vital artistic works representative of the society we live in today.


The Passive Annual Membership: $100.00
10% DISCOUNT on all Pearl Company productions (excluding third party rentals)
1 free non alcoholic beverage per event.
Free admission to one annual Pearl Company sponsored event for members.

The Active Annual Membership: $200.00
10% DISCOUNT on all Pearl Company productions (excluding third party rentals)
1 free non alcoholic beverage per event.
Free admission to one annual Pearl Company sponsored event for members.
24 hour advance Priority notification of upcoming concerts and events to purchase tickets.
Membership directed monthly surveys to help us develop programming. Your feedback will be sought and encouraged.
Free Access to on-line streaming of Artist-sanctioned Pearl Company Productions.

What do you think?

The most efficient way to become a member is to make a cheque out to The Pearl Company with your return address included. That way we can mail you back your very own membership card. (You can also pick up your card when attending a concert!)

We will have Paypal up soon for those who no longer carry cheques….

Thank you!

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