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The Pearl Company Abides!

The Pearl Company will continue to operate for 2 years (until 2022 or so) while our buyer gets the necessary permits and plans in place. We’ll keep you posted!


Summer Sundays /Art Sale /Indoor/Outdoor Yard Sale

Summer Sundays /Art Sale /Indoor/Outdoor Yard Sale:
Every Summer Sunday! PearlinPink12:00 to 4:00 pm. It’s an Art Sale/ Junque & Stuff Yard Sale/ Meet-and-Greet! Lots of out-of-the-ordinary articles (also some very ordinary) for sale in our “Corner Store” on King St.  Also, there are many treasures in the warehouse that is The Pearl.  This started out as a Membership Drive but we have sold a lot of (reasonably priced) art on these Sundays so why not keep them going? Come enjoy the day! And become a member if that works for you….

Peace and Love: Remembering Gary Depodesta, Christopher Clause & Friends: Friday October 6 – NEW DATE!

Peace and Love: Remembering Gary Depodesta, Christopher Clause & Friends: NEW DATE: Friday October 6; Doors: 7:30pm. Show: 8:00pm. An all ages show. Cost: Pay As You Can. peaceandlove_GaryDepodesta
When Gary DePodesta died suddenly at the end of July, the city lost one of its greatest live music supporters. In keeping with his love of live music and our city, we are going to host a special musical event celebrating Gary’s life. When he posed for a photo, Gary would often share a peace sign along with a great big smile. The event will feature many of Gary’s favourite musicians. It will be a pay-as-you-can affair, with the proceeds covering the rental of the venue as well as a donation to “Gracenotes” in Gary’s name. The money will help support local musicians who are completing recording projects. “I (Christopher) am currently organizing the musicians for this emotional send-off. If you are a performer and you would like to be a part of the evening, please private message me. Gary was one of my greatest supporters, and I miss him incredibly. I have confidence that I will see him again, which brings me a sense of peace. I look forward to seeing you all on September 15, as we celebrate the life of one audience member who changed everything for us.”

Stephen Jenkinson & Gregory Hoskins: Ramshackling Concerts for Turbulent Times: A night of Grief and Mystery. Saturday, December 3

Stephen Jenkinson & Gregory Hoskins: Ramshackling Concerts for Turbulent Times: A night of Grief and Mystery. Saturday, December 3: 7:00pm. $35 door. SOME SEATS STILL AVAILABLE.  On St. Patrick’s Day, 2015, Stephen Jenkinson’s new book Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul was published by North Atlantic Books out of Berkeley, California. Die Wise shares his stories and insights on grief and dying and the great love of life, and it recently won the 2015 Nautilus Award. Video link to Stephen speaking about DIE WISE:
Last year’s book tour brought Stephen’s work to audiences across essentially the world. By fall things gained a certain momentum, and Stephen invited a remarkable Canadian musician, Gregory Hoskins, to join him on the road. These concerts became storied nights of grief, mystery and orphan wisdom for a troubled time. Gregory’s music graced Stephen’s pleas for mercy and for grace under pressure with faithful cantos of muscular sorrow. People came, jammed doorways and stood on chairs and lingered long afterwards, unwilling it seemed to go back to a home unchanged by an unlikely evening of mortal mysteries.
Award-winning filmmaker/media activist Ian Mackenzie joined them on the road in N.Y.C., Boulder, Berkeley and Austin to record those unlikely days and nights. A new film, DIE WISE: The Lost Nation Road, chronicling that tour, is coming out in fall, 2016. In all, some eleven countries and eighty five cities.

Zachary’s Paws For Healing: Holiday Dog Portrait Fundraiser. Saturday, November 21

Zachary’s Paws For Healing: Holiday Dog Portrait Fundraiser.  Saturday, November 21.  10 am – 4 pm.  Zachary’s Paws For Healing and Juravinski Hospital have teamed up to be the first in Canada to provide a unique pet visitation program for hospital Zachary Posterpatients.  Zachary’s Paws For Healing facilitates visits with patients and their own companion dog or cat.  They are strictly a volunteer organization and rely on donations and fundraisers.
Whether your dog has been naughty or nice, you will want a professional portrait keepsake of your pet.  No appointment necessary.  No sitting fee.  One portrait $25 or two portraits for $40.  Holiday props and costumes will be available or you can have the portrait of your dog done tout naturel. Come out for a great cause and have your pet’s portrait done by well-known dog photographers. Contact:  Donna Jenkins, Founder, Zachary’s Paws For Healing:  289-682-7925

The Holy Shift Tour: Grand Finale & Filming! 2 Nights! Wed Nov 11/ Thurs 12.

The Holy Shift Tour: Grand Finale & Filming! 2 Nights! Wed Nov 11/ Thurs 12. Tickets: $8 in advance online, $10 at the door. holyshiftDoors at 7:30; show at 8pm on the dot! Canadian pastor and church planter Kevin Makins has been cycling from city to city, speaking in bars and cafes, using history, stories, and (gasp!) the bible to share about how everything is moving and changing… and now the show is coming to the best city in the world: Hamilton! Lots of people are interested in talking about God and spirituality, but don’t feel comfortable in traditional religious institutions. This is designed to work for anyone open and curious about the big questions: God, life, death, how to deal with annoying people in our lives, making peace with your own past, the bible… you know, lighthearted stuff! You don’t need to be religious or spiritual to appreciate the talk. It’s not a church service. The whole thing is designed to be accessible for everyone – believer, skeptic, or somewhere in between.
Jeff Wynands will provide music using only a bicycle and a sampler. It’s weird and awesome. Kevin will give a talk that is part TEDtalk / part self-deprecating personal stories. Conversational will happen. We’ll probably laugh once or twice. In addition to being a live show, we are going to be filming the talk to be released at a later date. Be a part of (very specific) history!
Six days of riding, six nights of shows… it was a terrible idea! But now we just need to bike 10 minutes down the road to this great venue! Get tickets for either night at  Enter Holy Shift Tour in search.

Allen Swerling’s Farewell Party: Wednesday, September 30

Allen Swerling’s Farewell Party: Wednesday, September 30. 5:00pm – 8:00pm. Come join Connie and Allen’s family and friends as we Allen'sTablecelebrate Allen’s life and work. Allen has been so much a part of The Pearl since we started this adventure in 2006.  If he wasn’t helping me stuff ARTBus bags, he was behind the coffee bar or showing his work – he has had a permanent display table at The Pearl for his unique paintings and “cartoons” (which is hardly a word big enough to describe his work!) This will be a pot luck event so if you are able, please bring something. Pass this on to those who knew Allen.

Bill’s Goodbye Party and Wake: Sunday, September 27

Bill Powell’s Goodbye Party and Wake! : 1:00pm – 4:00pmBill Per his wishes, in lieu of a funeral, we are having a celebration of his life. He said, “Throw me a party!” and that’s what we are doing. Please feel free to pass the word out to Bill’s friends. Bill was a great friend and supporter of The Pearl. It is a very mixed pleasure to have Bill’s final goodbye here. You have done so much for Hamilton, Bill.  Hamilton is already missing you.

MATTHEW GREEN Meet and Greet! Sat. Sept. 27/ 2-4pm

MESSAGE FROM MATTHEW GREEN: I would like to personally invite you to join us for a Saturday afternoon at the Pearl Theatre Company matthewgreen2.jpgon Sept. 27th from 2-4pm. As our municipal election draws near we are grateful for your ongoing support. It’s time to reach out into the community and invite all your family, friends, and neighbours to come out and chat about the future of our community. This will be a “Pass the Hat” donation fundraiser and personal meet and greet. We need each and every one of you. Thank you, Matthew  Questions and Confirming Attendance, Contact: Alex Ramirez · · 289-275-5482

Campaign Launch and Fundraiser for Larry Pattison Tues, Sept 30

We are hosting the Campaign Launch and Fundraiser for Larry Pattison Tues, Sept 30 from 7-9. From his committee: You LarryPattisonatPearl.jpgare cordially invited to attend Larry’s Campaign Launch for his Candidacy for Ward 3 Trustee for the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board. He is ready to bring your issues to the school board table and to the province! We hope to see you and we ask for your continued support to take Larry from Candidate to Trustee on October 27th. A donation of $10 is suggested at the door and this will help us cover the cost of munchies, launch costs and further support Larry’s bid for Trustee. We will also have a donation box available and 50/50 tickets. Come out and mingle with neighbours, connect with Larry and explore the beautiful Pearl company. Opportunities to assist as a part of Larry’s campaign team will also be available.  Questions or offers?  Larry’s email:


Open House: An ARTBus Farewell & Art Sale: Fri. & Sat. Sept 12 / 13

Open House: An ARTBus Farewell & Art Sale: Friday, September 12 / Saturday, September 13; 7:00 pm to 11:00. No Charge, or Pay What You Wish. The weekendPearlCoNight.jpg will be a combination Rent Party and Farewell to the ARTBus (in its current form). Over the years, we have accumulated art that has been donated, abandoned, or collected. These pieces will be on display and you will decide whether they are worth taking home.  And, what might be their actual value….
The ARTBus has been a crucial ingredient in bringing awareness to an (already) thriving Art scene back when James North was a scary idea and people were not as aware as they should have been of the many galleries throughout the city showing unique, thought-provoking JMarsalesArtBusLarge.jpgwork. Now, the bus’s mission has been accomplished and it is going on sabbatical.  In order to give the bus a worthy send-off, we thought it made sense to combine an ARTBus farewell with an ARTSale.
Join us in sending the ARTBus off and while you are here take a look at what we have collected over the years.  It is art. It is memorabilia. It is looking for a home. Come on down.

Linda Chenoweth: Campaign Launch Ward 4 Public School Trustee: Thursday, July 17

Linda Chenoweth Candidate for Ward 4 Public School Trustee: Campaign Launch! Thursday, July 17. Drop by The Pearl LChenowith.jpgCompany between 7 and 10 and support Linda’s efforts to represent the children, families and community of Ward 4.  Entertainment, draws, drinks and munchies.
Linda is a 25 year resident of Hamilton’s East End with a Physical Education degree from McMaster University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario. As a Primary/Junior Physical Education Specialist teacher employed by the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board for 25 years, she was passionate about teaching children body awareness, movement skills, and healthy active living. She taught at Rosedale School for 19 years and left because of her disillusionment with the state of education in Ontario. She has decided to act upon her concerns about our education system and seek election as the Ward 4 Public School Trustee.

Supporting the Arts: Sponsorship Evening: Nov 8

The Pearl Company Announces Sponsorship Opportunity: Thursday, November 8. 7:30 – 9:00pm. No charge.
The Pearl Company will be unveiling their sponsorship packages for their 2013 season.  We have a very charming young actor/singer supporter who has been working very hard to bring sponsorship money to The Pearl.  Matt Cassidy has been working with Media Saver Hamilton, putting together some very attractive packages which work both ways – for us and for our sponsors.  The rewards can be more than the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with aligning yourself with culture!

There will be a wide range of advertising opportunities for local businesses that will help to establish a profitable, sustainable, mutually beneficial business relationship.  We all know a vibrant arts scene improves the community both culturally and economically. We are very excited at the prospect; If you are interested or know anyone who might be, come on down.  There will be food, drink and entertainment on hand.

Final Presidential Debate: October 22

Let’s get together and watch the final Presidential Debate: Monday October 22. No charge. Just bring your own debating skills.  You’ve seen, heard, or read about the first two debates, what will the third one bring?  We’ve had “Big Bird” and “Women in Binders”, any guesses what meme will emerge from this final convergence?  Ripe territory from which to take our very Canadian and very distant stand. We’ll start welcoming guests any time after 7:00 and we’ll indulge in snacks, munchies and conversation until the debate starts at 9:00.  All political attitudes welcome. Lively debate definitely encouraged.


What Happens When Your Lawyer Dies?!? April 3

What Happens When Your Lawyer Dies?!? Tuesday, April 3. 7:00pm. No charge. The City of Hamilton is fertile ground for stories of corruption, influence peddling, and back room dealings. This has been going on for decades seemingly “unnoticed and unreported” by our local media.

The story, “What happens when your lawyer dies?!?” has been meticulously documented and researched; it investigates the failure of the legal profession’s regulatory body in Ontario, the Law Society of Upper Canada, to protect the client rights when the death of a lawyer ‘interrupts’ the process of the law.

This story may never be published in Hamilton as it involves the Spectator itself, prominent legal firms and lawyers of Hamilton, The Law Society of Upper Canada, and now the Halton Regional Police.

The man at the centre of this story is former City Alderman John Gallagher who has been on a 25-year quest to have his good name and reputation restored. The Law Society ignored even the report by former Ontario Ombudsman, noted jurist Clare Lewis Q.C., whom they hired to investigate the Gallagher complaint, and no further action has been taken on the matter.

Check out the facts, join the discussion, view the video that explores the story….


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