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St PatROCK Show: Pterodactyl Problems & More! Friday, March 2 POSTPONED:

St PatROCK Show: Pterodactyl Problems & More! -POSTPONED. Friday, March 20: Doors: 8:30pm. Show: 9:00. Tickets: $10. The show includes Baybe, Second in Rome, and Cactus Farm. More info to come. Please note that this show will be a louder show than our usual offerings. These musicians are young and will be rocking a noisier vibe than we usually present. But they are young and full of life – it’ll be energizing!

Art Opening: Jessica Pamela CARRASCO: Saturday, March 21. POSTPONED

Art Opening: Jessica Pamela CARRASCO: POSTPONED. Saturday, March 21. Door: 7pm to 10pm. CARRASCO, is an artist, born in Santiago de Chile in 1972, and arriving in Canada in 2005 with her husband and her 11-year-old girl. She has published two bilingual books for children: The Child That I Am / La Niña que soy (Familius, 2015) and Colorful Children/Niños de Colores (Tap Peques, 2011). She also illustrated the trilingual book for children Emma’s Symphony written by Camila Reimers (Mapalé, 2018) and published s book of poetry in Spanish named “Tatuajes de una Historia” (Mapalé, 2018). She writes a monthly column for the newspaper Presencia Latina and also participates as a permanent guest once a month in the radio show a Un Café con Luz. 

Bypass Off Band: POSTPONED. Saturday, Mar. 28

Bypass Off Band: Saturday, Mar. 28. 8:00 p.m. Doors: 7:30pm. Show: 8:00 – 11:00. Tickets: $15. The ultimate classic progressive rock cover act. If you are a music lover looking for the ultimate progressive rock experience, look no further! Bypass Off pays tribute to the greatest progressive rock groups in history. Bringing the style, sound, and spirit of groups like Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Rush, Frank Zappa, U.K, Peter Gabriel, etc. to life is their goal. Their musicianship is exceptional, evident in the effortless recreation of some of the most difficult and interesting music in rock history. These are some of the best rock musicians anywhere. Together, they have decades of deep professional experience in everything from rock, jazz, classical, and various world musics. The Band: Sim Bansal: Lead Vocal and Guitar; Olivia Brown: Bass and Vocal; Dave O’Neill: Drums and Vocal; Bob Shields: Guitars; Dave Thierry: Keyboards

Christopher Clause’s “ALL TOGETHER NOW”: beginning March 4

Christopher Clause’s “ALL TOGETHER NOW”: First Wednesday of every month; begins March 4. 7:30 until 10:00 p.m. Admission: $10. A Beatles’ Open Mic! If you love the Beatles, this open mic is for you. An ALL BEATLES’ Open Mic, hosted by the city’s most celebrated interpreters of the Fabs’ music and beloved open mic hosts, Christopher Clause himself. “All Together Now” is an all-ages affair where you can perform on your own, with your friends, with Christopher or simply be a part of the audience. There will be a sign-up sheet at the door with a first-come, first served song selection process. The open mic is not limited to just the group’s works, but their solo material as well (and the odd covers that the lads did on record and/or live). Bring your instruments (acoustic instruments preferred) and we will provide microphones, instruments cables, picks, capos, music stands, a baby grand piano and access to an iPad (for lyrics or chord charts).
At the end of the night, Christopher will invite all of the guests for the evening onto the stage to perform two classic Beatles’s songs together in a jam-like setting. Perfect.

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