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Archive for March 2nd, 2015

Marvelous Membership Meet & Eat: August 18

Marvelous Membership Meet & Eat: August 18. Starting at 7:00pm. Members: Free. Non-Members $100! Come let us say thank you or come join this exclusive band! Come enjoy an evening of PearlCoDoorfood, drink, music, & fellow humans with similar interests!  Isn’t that true. The people who hang out at The Pearl are discerning, intelligent and interested in the arts. Right? We are far from the only venue offering to appease those tastes but if you know us, you know our offerings rarely miss!
Entertainment will of course involve Gary and some surprise guests. One for-sure guest will be Howard Jerome. I’ve written about Howard (who has been deeply soaked in almost all facets of the arts) a number of times. Here’s what I have been saying: He is currently the voices of several cartoon characters; he’s the instigator of the Canadian High School Improv Championships; he’s a former folksinger in Greenwich Village; a (former) pro wrestler, a Toronto mayoral candidate, and a general all-round character with way too many other vocations to fit here. He will do a story-telling session that I guarantee you’ll love. More to come!

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